Herbal Remedies: Incredible Healing Power Of Herbs From The Alps [video]

On the mountains and hills of Austria and Switzerland are plants. Herbs and plants that have been used for thousands of years to treat all manner of ailments.

People shied away from herbs as a form of treatment for illness and disease because they were seen as a poor man’s remedy.

A comeback is being made.

More and more people realize that the “medicine” we take these days is so bad for us that we have to counter the negative effects of one medicine by taking another.

The problem is, big pharma strip out only the components they see as viable, then add chemicals to make the extract last longer.

The best medicine is fresh, from the earth, or naturally preserved medicine in the for of the whole plant, leaf, flower or root. That way, you get the benefits of all the compounds in the plant, and not man-made chemical preservatives.

I am all for nature and turned my back on pharmaceuticals about 10 years ago. I only use herbal remedies or homeopathic medicine.

What health regimen do you follow?

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