Essential Oil Roll-on – Lavender Essential Oil Roll-on

Lavender has been treasured for thousands of years across many cultures for its desired aroma and multitude of therapeutic benefits. Well-known for its calming and soothing properties, Lavender is great for balancing everyday tension and stress, relaxing the mind and body, and promoting restful sleep. 

Applied topically, Lavender can help soothe skin irritations while also promoting fresh, bright, and glowing skin. Massage Lavender into stiff muscles or joints to soothe tension and discomfort after an intense workout. 

The Lavender 10ml Roll-On makes it easy to experience the benefits of Lavender on the go. Keep the roll-on in your bag, at your desk, or in your pocket for easy and quick relief! Life can be hectic and busy; if you feel the stress of life starting to take over, use the Lavender Roll-On to help yourself pause, take a breath, and take the stress down a notch or two. Simply apply the roll-on to the inner elbow, wrists, temples, or any affected area, and massage into the skin. In no time, the calming properties and aroma of Lavender will help you feel refocused and recentered, no matter where you are! 


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